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Peer Analysis

Peer Group consists of companies included in the SNL Small Cap U.S. Insurance Index.

Data for trailing four quarters

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Performance Ratios (%)DGICA Peer
ROAA1.93 1.40 1.35 
Operating ROAA1.83 1.36 2.04 
ROAE7.11 7.09 (7.97) 
Operating ROAE6.73 6.03 6.97 
Investment Yield2.74 3.50 3.50 
Operating Margin5.90 7.00 9.21 
EPS Growth51.42 (8.82) (17.56) 
Operating EPS Growth16.13 (4.54) (7.90) 

Balance Sheet Ratios (%)   
Cash & Investments / Assets59.77 73.97 72.22 
Policy Reserves / Equity (x)2.45 2.06 3.36 
Debt plus Redeemable Preferred / Equity (x)0.17 0.08 0.17 
Debt / Total Cap, at Book14.44 9.80 16.91 
Tangible Equity / Tangible Assets26.73 24.37 25.68 
Total Equity / Total Assets27.02 29.10 28.29 
Tangible Common Equity / Tangible Assets26.73 24.37 25.66 

Market Ratios   
Price / Earnings (x)15.03 17.81 19.52 
Price / Operating EPS (x)15.81 17.45 26.19 
Price / Book (%)105.36 131.89 139.33 
Dividend Yield (%)3.22 1.55 1.65 
Donegal Group Inc.'s peer group consists of the following: American Equity Investment Life Holding Company (AEL), AMERISAFE, Inc. (AMSF), Baldwin & Lyons, Inc. (BWINB), Citizens, Inc. (CIA), eHealth, Inc. (EHTH), EMC Insurance Group Inc. (EMCI), Employers Holdings, Inc. (EIG), FBL Financial Group, Inc. (FFG), Horace Mann Educators Corporation (HMN), Infinity Property and Casualty Corporation (IPCC), Kansas City Life Insurance Company (KCLI), Meadowbrook Insurance Group, Inc. (MIG), MGIC Investment Corporation (MTG), National Interstate Corporation (NATL), Navigators Group, Inc. (NAVG), Radian Group Inc. (RDN), Safety Insurance Group, Inc. (SAFT), State Auto Financial Corporation (STFC), Stewart Information Services Corporation (STC), Tower Group International, Ltd. (TWGP), Triple-S Management Corporation (GTS), United Fire Group, Inc. (UFCS), Universal American Corp. (UAM)

Donegal Group Inc.'s financial data is as of 12/31/2016.

Peer financial data is as of 12/31/2016  except for these companies:

Citizens, Inc.'s financial data is as of 9/30/2016.
Meadowbrook Insurance Group, Inc.'s financial data is as of 3/31/2015.
National Interstate Corporation's financial data is as of 9/30/2016.
Tower Group International, Ltd.'s financial data is as of 6/30/2014.

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